Our Chef recommends

Traditional steak tartare made of beef tenderloin  price: 26 PLN
Silesian fermented rye flour soup with egg price: 10 PLN
Beef roll with sauce, white dumplings and warm red cabbage  price: 30 PLN
Roasted duck breast in apple sauce, with fried jacket potatoes
and the steamed vegetables
price: 40 PLN

Cold appetizers

Smoked salmon rose with lemon  price: 20 PLN
Herring in oil price: 13 PLN
Herring in cream  price: 13 PLN
Tenderloin carpaccio with balsamic sauce price: 27 PLN
Hard and soft cheese board price: 30 PLN

Hot appetizers

Cheese delicacy served with cranberries price: 16 PLN
Hot onion rings with garlic sauce  price: 15 PLN
Boeufstrogonow made of beef tenderloin  price: 29 PLN
Grilled shrimps with garlic butter  price: 30 PLN

Salads, pasta delicacies

Greek salad price: 17 PLN
(lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, olives, feta cheese, vinegret sauce)
Farmer’s salad with chicken price: 19 PLN
(lettuce, grilled chicken breast , bacon, tomato, green cucumber,
red onion, cheese , pieces of toasts, vinegret sauce)
Cappresse salad price: 17 PLN
(tomato slices with mozarella cheese, vinegret sauce)
Tricolore pasta price: 20 PLN
(bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes)


Royal broth with noodles  price: 8 PLN
French onion soup with cheese toast price: 11 PLN
Aromatic cream of tomatoes with chaux pastry balls price: 11 PLN
Borscht with croquette price: 13 PLN

Fish dishes

Trout from high land stream price: 9 PLN
per 100g
Parisian cod fillet  price: 12 PLN
per 100g
Grilled salmon steak price: 12 PLN
per 100g

Poultry dishes

Grilled chicken breast with garlic butter price: 17 PLN
Juicy Italian chicken breast price: 25 PLN
Gold-coloured chicken breast with sweet flavour price: 18 PLN
(with pineapple and cheese)
Grilled chicken breast on spinach price: 21 PLN

Pork dishes

Pork tenderloins in colourful pepper price: 26 PLN
Grilled pork tenderloins  in wild mushroom sauce price: 30 PLN
Grilled loin of pork roasted with mushrooms and cheese price: 20 PLN
Traditional pork chop coated with breadcrumbs price: 17 PLN

Beef dishes

Slices of beef tenderloin with green pepper price: 38 PLN
Grilled beef tenderloin on spinach price: 48 PLN
Provencal pieces of beef tenderloin price: 38 PLN


Boiled potatoes price: 4 PLN
Chips price: 6 PLN
Fried jacket potatoes price: 6 PLN
White dumplings price: 6 PLN
Dauphine potatoes price: 6 PLN

Vegetables toppings

Steamed vegetables price: 8 PLN
Warm red cabbage price: 5 PLN
Seasonal salad mix price: 6 PLN
Fried mushrooms price: 8 PLN
Spinach roasted with soft cheese price: 9 PLN


„AROS” ice-cream sundae
price: 14 PLN
Hot cherries with ice-cream price: 14 PLN
Fruit salad price: 10 PLN